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Submitting a Game

Submission rules

Before packaging your game for submission, check out this rules before proceeding to Preparing the submission package.

TAB Austria will consider to accept your game for integration to the F4F platform if it at least meets the following rules. Note that this is no guarantee that your game will be accepted. If we think the game does not contribute to our ambitious targets, it might happen that we reject your application disregarding the rules. To avoid this just make sure to talk to us before and during your game development to make sure that you're working into the right direction. Then there'll be less issues upon submission of your game.

On the other hand, you can be 100% sure that you'll NOT be accepted to our platform if you do not follow the requirements listed below. So please help us save your and our time by not submitting games to us if you know that you violate one of those terms. If you are unclear about a certain requirement or you need some exception, contact us at and he'll be happy to help you.

TAB Austria is reserving its right to change the terms and conditions below at any time as being required by the marketplace, our customers, our players or by law. We also reserve our right to at any time withdraw your game from our offering even if it has been accepted to our platform beforehand, if we're required to do so by law or by important reason.

General rules

Content restrictions


Game help

Submission format

Preparing the submission package

Preparing the submission package is really easy. Note that you'll have to submit ALL your game source files to us for review. The reason for this is that we need to absolutely make sure not to introduce security leaks to our devices, so we need to review the source code of your game. We'll however never share that content with third parties, nor will we use your code within our projects.

Please create the submission directory use following structure (regarding game IDs, see Requesting your game IDs):

ZIP the [GameID] directory, and name the ZIP file [GameID].zip. Get an MD5 hash of the file using WinMD5.
Put the ZIP file to some location where we can access it (e.g. GDrive) and send the link + the MD5 hash to

We know, that submission process is far from being perfect, but it will be improved over time.

Thats it - thanks for submitting :-). We'll then get in contact with you!

Contents in the folder UnityProject

The folder UnityProject only needs to contain the following:

All other folders and files are created by Unity and its Import process, you do not need to submit those files.