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Getting Started

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Download the TABUnitySDK

Unzip contents and launch emulator

The package is a simple ZIP file which contains all components required to code your F4F games. Additionally it contains the F4F emulator. Unzip the file to C:\Fun4Four (this path is mandatory). Once you did this, please launch our installation script by double clicking the C:\Fun4Four\Setup\setupF4F.cmd script from within the SDK directory.

The script will:

  1. request admin mode before it is able to run because the script needs elevated privileges for step 2-5
  2. install all required components like MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable, and DirectX
  3. create the following files on your computer:
    • C:\machine.cfg (settings where specific folders are located as well as settings for the screen resolution)
    • C:\mtype file (internal use)
    • C:\version file (internal use)
    • create C:\Log (directory where log files will go into)
    • copy the ARIALUNI.ttf true type font file into your Windows fonts directory
  4. launch the F4F emulator
  5. during the installation process a Fun4Four_Temp folder will be created at your C: drive root, which can safely be removed after the installation process

The setupF4F.cmd script can be used to launch the F4F emulator at any time, it detects changes required automatically.

The pre-built UnitySDKDemo game as well as the EmptyProject game should appear within the menu view of the emulator once it is started. Note: in developer mode the emulator is always running in freeplay mode, so every game costs zero credits to start and the amount of available credits will be 99 always.

Requesting your game IDs

For every game you need a unique game ID. You'll get your game IDs from us. Get in contact with us after getting your SDK copy up and running and tell us about your game idea. We'll then issue a game ID to you. Drop your game ID request or any communication to

PS: if you ask yourself, why we're asking you to get in touch with us before getting started, we can give you the answer to that question. The Fun4Four is not a simple consumer device. It is a sophisticated B2B game platform which demands fulfillment of very tough requirements that are put upon us by our customers. Development on our system will be not a fire and forget thing. We want you to be our partner and we want us to be your partner. We are working together and we will help you on your way. So we want to do that from the very beginning. This is for the good of us AND you. OK? OK!

ZIP contents

Settings files you may need to modify:

Log folder:

Content folder:

Unity SDK DLL package

The Unity SDK DLL package is located in the C:\Fun4Four\NZilla\Developer folder. It contains all necessary files you need for game development. You can just use it by importing the file UnitySDKPackage.unitypackage into your Unity project. The files provide the full API to communicate with the F4F framework. For more details about the classes contained within the package see the class description of the TABUnitySDK package within this documentation.

Demo Project

The demo project is located at C:\Fun4Four\NZilla\UnitySDKDemo. It contains the binary as well as the source distribution. For more information about the demo project please see the next chapter: Demo-Project.

Empty Project

The empty Unity project is located at C:\Fun4Four\NZilla\EmptyUnityGame. The empty Unity Project already includes all necessary files to start a F4F game project from scratch. See chapter Start from empty Unity project to get more information.