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Running your game within the F4F emulator

Integrating your project into the F4F emulator menu

All the game resources must be placed to the C:\Fun4Four\NZilla folder. Within that folder, create a game subfolder named after your game ID (see Requesting your game IDs).

You'll also need to set up a special DLL that links your game to the F4F framework. The DLL is prepared for you already, you can find it within the C:\Fun4Four\NZilla\Developer folder. It is called UnityGamesDll-dll-vc80-dr-dev.dll. You'll have to copy this DLL to the root of your game subfolder, and change the default game ID (UnityGamesDll) to your specific game ID. Make sure you keep the "-dll-vc80-dr-dev.dll" part of the file name exactly as it is.

For example, the game ID of our demo project is "UnitySDKDemo" and the folder structure will look like this:

To then make the F4F emulator to also display your game you have to declare it within the GameSettings.ini file (see ZIP contents). The INI file is formatted to contain different sections. Each section represents one game.

You'll need to create a new section for your game. The name of your section is again the game ID. For each section, you can define settings like the display name of the game or the category the game will be associated with. It should be easy to add your section, as the INI file contains inline documentation as well as an example that you can copy, paste and adjust.

Given our example from above, the INI file section for the demo game looks like this:


Note: You can add as many games as you like to the INI file, the sky is the limit.

Running your game

F4F menu 'select game'
Once your game is integrated into the F4F emulator menu it's time to give it a try and run it. Start the F4F emulator and if you did everything right in the previous step (see Integrating your project into the F4F emulator menu), your game should now be available within the menu.

Game icons repeat endlessly, so if only one or two games are enabled the menu could look somewhat strange. However, on the real Fun4Four table all the menu will be filled by a lot of different games, looking really nice then.

F4F menu 'game details'
After selecting a game the game details page opens. This page includes the game help, highscores and some generic information about your game.

Click "Start Game" to continue.

F4F menu 'select player count'
Select the player count you want to start with and get going.

F4F menu 'select table positions'
Select the player position and get going.

Enjoy the game
Enjoy the game.