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Fun4Four Concept

Fun4Four Concept

The TAB Fun4Four game table is an out-of-home entertainment system for up to 6 players. Elegant design and high-powered software are combined in a multitouch system to form a unique game and communication experience for bars or restaurants, hotels or lobbies, arcades or casinos. Integration with smartphones was introduced some time ago, additionally allowing players to enjoy games which work on an real-time integration between table and phone.

Fun4Four Features

TAB sells those table to the operators, which earn money on each game start from the players. Players insert money into the machine, and get credits for it which they can use to play. One credit usually costs 50 Euro-cents.

Most games cost 2 credits per player, so a game start per player usually costs 1 Euro. Note: when you submit your game for review, we'll set a price in credits, which we'll charge for your game. If its a very simple or short game, we'll set a price of 1 credit per player (50 cents). If its a bigger game, it will be 2 credits per player (1 Euro), only if it is a very huge game with a lot of value we might think about a price of 3 credits per player (1,50 Euro).

How you'll earn money

As developer, once we accepted your game title to be published, you'll earn money through a simple system. Every time your game is started by players you'll get a share of 4 Euro-Cent per credit. So for most games which usually cost 2 credits per player, just calculate

NumberOfPlayers * PriceInCredits * 0,04 = your income (in Euro) of the game start
PriceInCredits is 1 for simple games
PriceInCredits is 2 for medium games
PriceInCredits is 3 for very complex games

This represents a share of approximately 10% of the earnings made by that game start.

Note that this will not only be a one time purchase, you'll earn money on EVERY game start, so you'll soon find out that a lot of money can go over the table if your game is successful. Note that there is no free trials or something like that, except if the game you delivered is being promoted by us, which usually happens during the first two weeks after initial game launch or at fairs.

Rules to follow

Of course, TAB and SDK developers main interest should be to also get the operators as much income as possible - we want them to put tables out and get more games played, right? So it is important, that the developers who use our SDK understand the importance of income to the whole platform. You'll see at the Submitting a game section that there is rules that developers need or are recommended to follow in order to support that target. If we find out that your game is not suited to that target, we cannot accept it to our tables. Contact us at if you are in question about this particular topic.

Also, as mentioned above, our tables and so your games are being played in public. Regulators put different rules in place that public game makers need to follow, you'll find those rules within our Submitting a game section as well.


The TABUnitySDK is a software development kit which can be used to easily develop Unity games for the F4F gaming table. It contains a bunch of methods that allow you to communicate with the F4F game table framework. An F4F emulator makes it easy for you to test your games right inside the F4F framework directly on your developer machine.